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(erielack) Not to beat a dead horse...

An excerpt of an article from "Trains Magazine News Wire":

There is also the question of keeping various UP "fallen flag" copyrights in force.

"Absolutely," says Bob Turner, senior vice-president of Corporate Relations. "One of the things we said to the model railroad licensees is that over time, we're going to have a series of new products for you to use and these will come to you as part of being a licensee of our company.

"We've got almost 70 licensees, and all of them will get, if they want to, the CAD drawings and the CAD designs of these units for them to put into their product lines. From the beginning, we set out to create a program with little companies paying nothing or very modest amounts. But the big toy companies, who make hundreds of thousands of dollars, are going to pay a little more.

"When we see the revenue that some of these companies are benefiting from our identity, for them to say that we are not entitled to any part of it, that's just crazy."

The Heritage Series marks the fifth time in company history that Union Pacific has painted locomotives in colors other than the traditional UP "Armour Yellow" paint scheme. In 1991, locomotives were custom-painted to honor UP employees serving in the Persian Gulf War, in 1994 to call attention to the United Way Campaign, in 1996 for the Atlanta Games Olympic Torch Relay Train, and in 2002 for the Salt Lake City Games Olympic Torch Relay Train.

It should also be pointed out that UP, and also SP-Rio Grande, have periodically painted old-style company emblems on newly refurbished freight cars, to keep fresh the use of historical copyrighted logos. 

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