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RE: (erielack) NMRA Convention


There's many more there.


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As promised, I'm reporting back on the new Athearn diesels as well as some
other goodies. If you go to Cincinnati, check out a location north of
downtown called "Winton Place", which sees most of the rail traffic into and
out of the city. As we sat there one evening observing the trains rolling by
with commuter train frequency, I realized that just across the valley,
eventual B&O affiliate Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton added a third rail to
permit the A&GW to enter Cincinnati and connect with another future B&O
acquisition, the 6' gauge Ohio & Mississippi. A century and a half of rail
history, and traffic still going strong.

Back to the convention. The Athearn SD45-2 is a beauty, with it's jumbo fuel
tank and crisp painting/lettering. I can't comment on performance, but
according to the MR review they tend to go overboard with the lubrication,
and perform well once you clean that up. The RS-3 looks nice too, and the
trucks are well suspended.

Bowser had on display some of those 50' boxcar-into-stockcar conversions
lettered PRR that we discussed a few weeks ago. Richard the Sales Manager
was unaware that Erie had some (I believe acquired from PRR), and said he'd
do them if we could get him some photos.
Paul T, I think you had the pics (?), so if you contact me off-list I'll
give you his email if you don't have it already.

Other new HO products include:
Kadee "whisker" coupler #148, and under-track electromagnetic uncoupler
#309, available this fall.
Digitrax announced a sound decoder for around $65.

Finally, an HO modular club from NC had an (almost) exact scale model of the
Paulin's Kill viaduct. I ran into several Erie/DL&W/EL fans who were not
ELHS members, and I encouraged them to join.

Paul Brezicki

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