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(erielack) Re: EL List Daily V3 #1706

A couple things...

What there is to see depends on what you want to see, going from Elmira to
Scranton.   But I have always had good luck in Binghamton seeing trains - if
you pull up a close zoom map you can sort out where to go pretty fast, BD
and QD are easily accessed from Route 11, and 11 follows the Erie main west
going out of town.

The old D&H roundhouse was visible from I81; it burned a while back and was
torn down.   About 10-12 years ago CP was really big anti-tresspassing
because of some antics attributed to a bunch of guys from New Jersey (us New
Yorkers would *never* do anything bad y'know :o), so far as I know unless
you have business there you're chancing getting a trespassing citation if
you go in their yard or on CP right of way around there.   Plenty of public
places to take a picture, I've shot the yard guy working at the first
crossing south of the yard before.   I usually look for something moving,
shoot him and move on.   The Susquehanna had the O&W painted 116 in town
last time, plus a couple of beat up HATX ex-B&M GP40-2's.

There's a yard in Elmira and the Phoebe Snow boxcar may still be up next to
the yard office...

Sayre is worth a look and not very far out of your way, pretty easy to drive
around the yard off PA-199 (I think it is, NYS route is 34) in Waverly.  The
locals are based there now and while I think it runs any time of day instead
of at night, sometimes you can catch a set of power in Sayre or Athens.

Isn't the last Erie semaphore in this stretch somewhere?  It's tough to get
to, requires a walk in on narrow ROW so you need to really keep an eye out
for trains, but it is still there.

I've never explored the DL&W side going south, because the only time I went
that way I was delivering stuff to New Jersey and didn't have a lot of time.
The Erie side, along I86/NY17, is pretty dead but there's an O&W museum at
Roscoe with an Erie caboose and the next town east has another O&W painted
Erie caboose as a visitors center.  In sections 17 follows the Erie pretty
close off and on all the way to where it goes into New Jersey.

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Trademark stuff:  Pretty soon we'll be having to use "Atlantic and Great
Western" or "Geneva, Ithaca and Sayre" decals on our stuff.   I have to
wonder how many people they have working on this trademark stuff and what
they get paid to take care of it - I'd be willing to bet they either lose
money or are around break-even on the deal, given to get a million dollars
back manufacturers would have to sell 1000 pieces each of 1000 different
products that each produced a one-dollar royalty.

I have some old negs I want to print up, too, I'd be curious to hear if
anyone has advice for cleaning them up -

Bill K.

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