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(erielack) Erie and Wyoming Valley

Sat and studied Bill Sheppards map of the railroads of the Northern 
Anthracite coal field last night. I was following mainly the route of the 
Erie in and out of the valley. I have several questions from the map:

1.    Near Winton Borough their was two short line railroads Moosic Mountain 
and Carbondale RR and the Grassy Island RR. Where these coal company owned 
lines or what? Also noticed in Olyphant the D&H had a Grassy Flats Spur. I 
have never heard of Grassy Island or Grassy Flats before. Are these part of 
towns or what?

2.    Voipe Coal Mining Company had a wagon loader near Moosic. What is a 
wagon loader?

3.    The Erie had trackage rights over the D&H to Langcliffe Jct, near the 
Langcliffe Colliery. The D&H went over the top of the Erie and Wyoming Valley 
line near the Lackawanna and Luzerne County line before reaching Langcliffe 
Jct. Was their a connection between the two lines where the Jefferson 
Division trains could operate from Avoca yard and go north on the D&H or did 
the trains have to make a back up move in and out of Avoca Yard via the 
Langcliffe Branch?

5.    On the west side of the Lackawanna River in the north end of the field 
is the Winton Branch of the NYS&W. Did the Erie use the NYSW to fiance its 
construciton. The Erie has trackage rights on this line and it in no way 
connects to the WB&E. Not even near it.

6.    The end of the Erie's ex WB&E line tied into the Wilkes-Barre 
Connecting RR between the City of Wilkes-Barre and Hudson Yard at a location 
called Hullenbeck Park on the map. What was the purpose of this interchange 

7.    The Erie had trackage rights from Plains Jct to Ashely on the CNJ Canal 
Branch. What was the purpose of these trackage rights? Did Erie run trains 
into the CNJ Ashely yard for interchange?  

8.    The Glen Alden Coal Company had several large operations on the CNJ. 
Was Blue Coal also sold on the CNJ lines, and not just the DL&W?

9.    The Storrs Branch of the DLW served the Storrs Colliery and the 
Scranton Anthracite Birquette Company. What is a anthracite birquette and 
what was it used for.

10.  The Erie Scranton Branch connected with the D&H Vine Street Branch. Did 
the Erie run trains via this D&H branch into its yard and shop facilities at 
Dunmore off the Jefferson Division?

Bob Stafford
Arlington, WA