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Re: (erielack) Marking Time - Branchville Station

I do believe that the Andover station still exists, although not in its 
original form.  It's now part of a house on route 517 in Andover.

Tom Schmieder

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>Subject: (erielack) Marking Time - Branchville Station
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>Today in Sussex Branch History
>January 22, 1994 - 8:15 A.M. - The roof of the Branchville station
>collapses under the weight of heavy snow, pushing out the end walls.
>(The crash was heard by Dick Roy.)  The Branchville Depot was the last
>surviving original Sussex Branch station.
>(required doggerel)
>The ol' Branchville station, once handsome, now old,
>Moved off its foundation, left out in the cold.
>A winter storm killed it, its roof did collapse,
>And then the men finished with chainsaw and axe.
>At one time an ornament to ev'ry town,
>But now the old depots have been taken down.
>Just concrete foundations, 'neath weed covered earth,
>As if our old stations were nothing of worth.
>DL&W Sussex Branch Memorial
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