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Dave Goessling:
   Emigrant train service dates back to the old New York & Erie Railroad.
In more recent times (1880s and later) the Erie Railway, New York, Lake
Erie & Western and Erie Railroad continued the service.  The Chicago &
Atlantic owned eleven emigrant cars Nos. 101-111 built by Jackson & Sharp
in 1883. When the Chicago & Erie succeeded the C&A, the emigrant cars were
renumbered 2051-2061.  The NYLE&W numbered its emigrant cars Nos. 600-675
but there were only 24 cars in that series.  When the Erie Railroad took
over the C&E and NYLE&W it renumbered the cars to 900-949, but there were
only 20 cars in the series in 1896.  The roster of emigrant cars decreased
over time until 1914 when remaining emigrant cars were scrapped.
     The emigrant cars ran through over the NYLE&W, NYP&O and C&A all the
way to Chicago from Jersey City.  There were no special emigrant trains I'm
aware of.  Emigrant cars were attached to regular through passenger trains.
Also, I don't believe the NYP&O owned any emigrant cars. I hope this info
helps you out.

Bernie Sennstrom


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