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Re: (rshsdepot) Santa Fe Station in Oakland

I am bi-coastal, I lived in the San Francisco Bay area.

This station was actually in Emeryville just north of Oakland. When I was
there it was long gone, a non-descript shack was at the entrance to the
little used freight yard (abandoned Richmond to Oakland 1979, I never saw a
train on it, only boxcars...the Berkeley station is exquisite in a modest
way )

The Santa Fe reached Richmond in 1900. Ferries went to The City...In 1933
the SP the government compelled the SP to allow the Santa ferry to use the
SP Oakland Mole for their ferry operation and the ATSF terminated there
(well that's where the rail trip would end and the ferry leg begin.)
Richmond to Oakland line opened 1904. Only local service ...

OK-here are my varied and rambling questions- When did Oakland (Emeryville)
become part of the mainline? At the time of the change to the Oakland Mole,
or earlier? Were inter-city trains from/to both Richmond and Oakland ever?
After they went to the Oakland Mole for entry to San Francisco, did they
also use Oakland for inter-city trains? Maybe Richmond would join/separate
the run? When did this station come down? When it was a local run, were
there transport to the public ferry to SF? Were there subsequent stations in
Oakland or was this the only one? When was the last passenger train that
used Richmond ferry? The last to use Oakland Mole? and the last to terminate
in Oakland? (Which probably was last with use of buses.

I do have Rails to San Francisco bay, but the gritty details aren't there.
The last ferry is (1939 when the bridge was built)

Anyway all information on this station, the  passenger trains that went
there and all the other operational questions asked above, whether
documented, witnessed or apocryphal to comment on this old postcard (when
was this station built 1904?)

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