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Re: (erielack) ES99/SE98

ES99 SE98 may have been fun to chase, but from the EL point of view of 
little value.  It is my understanding that the EL and CNJ split the 
revenue in the same way after the interchange was moved from 
Scranton/Taylor to Lake Jct.  So if that is true the EL added an extra 
crew and a set of engines and caboose to keep the same revenue that they 
previously got interchanging cars in Pennsylvania. Not exactly a good 
business plan.  If anyone has consist sheets for these trains it would 
be good to know where the westbound cars were going on ES99 and where 
the eastbound cars on SE98 originated.  When the CNJ gave up their 
tracks in Pennsylvania the traffic was supposed to go to the Lehigh 
Valley.  What would have been the downside to the EL of turning over the 
cars bound for CNJ New Jersey to the LV near Scranton?
One further note does anyone out there consider the CNJ High Bridge 
Branch to have been a 'freight main line'?  Just because there are rails 
in place does not make any place a 'main line'.
Bruce Breeman

On 10/17/2012 12:39 PM, Daniel G. McFadden wrote:
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> ES99 was a great train to railfan, an easy chase on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
> On one occasion, I went up to see the move at Chester Junction and the shots
> from that visit are attached. The date was June 17, 1972 which was before
> the new connection was built. For the initial three shots, I walked through
> the underpass where the Wharton & Northern went under the EL Main. I believe
> I was standing about where Morris County Junction was (where the CNJ
> Hopatcong branch once diverged). The last two shots are of the train on the
> EL Main ready to head west.
> Unfortunately, it was a gray day. I have not found my notes from that day so
> cannot give a car count. As hairy as this move was, I would think the move
> SE98 had to make was even worse as the power had to shove back on a steep
> grade.
> Dan McFadden
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