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(erielack) Phoebe Snow jingles

I just completed a project to frame and hang 17 of the Phoebe Snow add
campaign post cards. I'd scan them for you as well, but they're now safely
behind glass on the walls of my basement stairs.

10 of them were from years back (probably got them at Steamtown bookstore)
and I obtained 10 more at the Tobyhanna Depot during a Steamtown excursion
last October.  There were only 3 duplicates between the sets.  

ELH&TS #52
ELHS #2116
Colorado Springs, CO

Phoebe says
And Phoebe knows
That smoke and cinders 
Spoil good clothes
'Tis thus a pleasure
And delight
To take the Road
Of Anthracite

Miss Snow commends
Her road to fiends - 
To one and all
This message sends:
No route brings quite
As much delight
As cleanly Road 
Of Anthracite

Her laundry bill
For fluff and frill
Miss Phoebe finds
Is nearly nil.
It's always light
Though gowns of white
Are worn on Road
Of Anthracite

Here Phoebe may
By night or day
Enjoy her book
Upon the way
Electric light
Dispels the night
Upon the Road
Of Anthracite

Says Phoebe Snow:
The miners know
That hard coal
My fame I owe
For my delight
In wearing white
Is due alone to

Miss Snow may scan
Through journey's span
Each keen and faithful
Whose levers bright
Are swung aright
Upon the Road
Of Anthracite

To do her share
Miss Phoebe fair
Selects her food
With watchful care
Though appetite
Be large or slight
No waste on road
Of Anthracite

On railroad trips
No other lips
Have touched the cup
That Phoebe sips
Each cup of white
Makes drinking quite
A treat on the Road
Of Anthracite

A coach or sleigh 
Was once the way
Of reaching home 
On Christmas day
Now - Phoebe's right -
You'll expedite
The trip by Road
Of Anthracite

Says Phoebe Snow
Now that I see
How spotlessly
Your kitchen's kept
It seems to me
It gives one quite
An appetite
This cleanly Road
Of Anthracite

Miss Phoebe Snow
Direct can go
From 33rd
To Buffalo
From Broadway bright
Te tubes run right
Into the Road of

If custom bars
From Buffet cars
Where men may read
And smoke cigars
Miss Snow is quite
Convinced 'tis right
Upon the Road
Of Anthracite

A cozy seat
A dainty treat
Make Phoebe's
Happiness complete
With linen white
And silver bright
Upon the Road
Of Anthracite

Among the crew
The flagman too
With Phoebe's trip
Has much to do
His flag and light
Guide her alright
Upon the Road
Of Anthracite

Says Phoebe Snow
I see you know
(As mothers should)
The way to go
To keep the chil-
dren clean and bright
Upon the Road
Of Anthracite

On time the trip
Ends without slip
And Phoebe
Sadly takes her grip
Loath to alight
Bows left and right
Good bye dear Road
Of Anthracite

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