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RE: (erielack) Pop quiz!

SGL wrote:

>Where'd that number come from?

DING-DING-DING! The number appears to be an invalid EL number. EL's regular
freight gons were in 5-digit number series (11000 and up). Their MOW gons
were in a 400000-series. The EL also converted cars (notably 50' boxcars) to
company service by adding a "1" to the number. I thought that's what this
might have been, but if you consider the first "1" the added number, you'd
end up with a 10000-series number, which the gons were not in.

My guess is that someone screwed up the stencils at Meadville.

John Payne wrote:

>I am no expert on this stuff by any means but for starters, the brake hoses
are not connected between this gondola and the car to the left (is that
normal to be left that way?).  And, isn't there an extra digit in the
I don't think the hoses need to be connected when just sitting (like this

	- Paul

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