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Re: (erielack) Power Station Question

Hi Steve and list:

	The GS is equipped with stack scrubbers. Apparently, water is misted 
through the stack gasses, and the resulting waste is piped to a large 
holding pond on the north side of the old Boonton Line. There, the water 
evaporates, leaving the ash from the burning of coal. After a few years, 
give or take, the pond is full of solidified ash. A couple of years ago, 
we noticed that the pond was being cleaned, as there was at least one 
back hoe, and a small fleet of dump trucks carting the ash away.

	The covered hoppers could have been bringing some chemical to be added 
to the coal to help reduce noxious stack gasses.


Steven Kay wrote:
> For a while when I was running the mainline there were strings of covered
> hoppers going in and out of the plant on the Marion Jct. side. I suspect
> they were being loaded with ash from  the boiler.
> I don't know if they are still being loaded.
> Steve

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