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(erielack) Caldwell Branch Contemplation

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I took a little hike on the Caldwell Branch trail during the weekend, over 
the Peckman River bridge and past the traces of the station stop in Cedar 
Grove (near the Pompton Ave. overpass).  Felt a twinge of sadness that I 
never gave the line much attention while it was still there.  Only took one 
shot having anything to do with it.  It was a grungy, gloomy winter day in 
early 1975. I was unemployed, killing time, contemplating the upcoming end 
of the EL.  Was hoping to take home some memories, like a heavy eastbound 
climbing the grade to GA.  That was not to be.  Only thing shaking that day 
was the Greenwood Lake Haul.  So I got a shot of him heading up the branch.  
Didn't bother to try to chase him or get him coming back somewhere up the 
line.  Much to my regret, 30-odd years later.

Jim Gerofsky

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