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Re: (erielack) Caldwell Branch Contemplation(2)

I grew up in Verona on the Caldwell Br., which was probably the driving
influence that guides the railfan in me today...

I too regret not having done more, but am nonetheless grateful for the few
shots I do have...

I do remember the wig-wag signal at the Fairview Ave. crossing in Verona,
but wasn't sharp enough to get photos of it before it was replaced by a
standard set of flashers/bells in the early-1970's(?) (might have been gone
by the time I got my first 35mm in '73...)

Rich Behrendt
ELHS #384
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> I took a little hike on the Caldwell Branch trail during the weekend, over
> the Peckman River bridge and past the traces of the station stop in Cedar
> Grove (near the Pompton Ave. overpass).  Felt a twinge of sadness that I
> never gave the line much attention while it was still there.  Only took
> shot having anything to do with it.  It was a grungy, gloomy winter day in
> early 1975. I was unemployed, killing time, contemplating the upcoming end
> of the EL.  Was hoping to take home some memories, like a heavy eastbound
> climbing the grade to GA.  That was not to be.  Only thing shaking that
> was the Greenwood Lake Haul.  So I got a shot of him heading up the
> Didn't bother to try to chase him or get him coming back somewhere up the
> line.  Much to my regret, 30-odd years later.
> Jim Gerofsky
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