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(erielack) Marking Time - Branchville Station

Today in Sussex Branch History

January 22, 1994 - 8:15 A.M. - The roof of the Branchville station
collapses under the weight of heavy snow, pushing out the end walls.
(The crash was heard by Dick Roy.)  The Branchville Depot was the last
surviving original Sussex Branch station.

(required doggerel)

The ol' Branchville station, once handsome, now old,
Moved off its foundation, left out in the cold.
A winter storm killed it, its roof did collapse,
And then the men finished with chainsaw and axe.

At one time an ornament to ev'ry town,
But now the old depots have been taken down.
Just concrete foundations, 'neath weed covered earth,
As if our old stations were nothing of worth.
- -- 
DL&W Sussex Branch Memorial

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