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(erielack) RE: EL/Chessie Pool power

I'm not up on my E-L history, which is my reason for joining this list.  I
do, however, know that the cuddly little Chessie Cat, in the form of the
Ches-C logo, began gracing engines in 1972 with the delivery of new
GP40-2's.  One of the pre-CR roads I do know a litle about is the Reading.
If you look at old RDG photo's from the Philly area, you can see many a blue
Ches-C on a yellow/orange/blue background. So, if Reading mingled with
Chessie, then Chessie was definitely around to mingle with E-L.  Whether the
EL and Chessie ever mixed power is a topic for you pros to continue

Of course, the best thing about a model railroad is that Chessie and EL
could mix power all the time if that's what you wanted to see.

Bye now,

Ben R.

> ------------------------------
> Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 22:24:11 -0500
> From: Kevin DeGroff <"kdegroff_@_csi.com">
> Subject: (erielack) Re: EL/Chessie Pool power
> > <<  First, if anyone ever does come up with a pre-April '76
> >   shot of an EL-Chessie System lashup, let me know, as
> >   the Chessie scheme wasn't unveiled until 1977, so that
> >   clears up one samll aspect.
> >
> The first yellow-blue-orange Chessie scheme was unveiled on the first
> GP40-2s in 1972.   As such, the cat and the diamond DID have a chance
> to mingle for 4 years.

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