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Moderators have access to a Moderators Only board HERE. If you are unsure about what to do about a problem, this is an excellent place to ask for advice from other moderators.

It is highly recommended that moderators subscribe to their boards so that they receive new posts in their email boxes. When in the main index page for your board, click the "Notify of replies" link at the top of the index listing to subscribe to your board.

Moderator Actions

Modify/Delete Post
Move Thread
Lock Thread
Delete Thread

Modifying/Deleting A Post

You can alter a post by clicking the "modify" button on it. It is advised that you always give a reason why you had to alter the post. If a post is in violation with any of the rules, you can decide to delete only that post by clicking the "delete" button on the post, next to where you located the "modify" button. Modified posts will display a notice of who modified it and when regardless of whether you choose to include a note of your own.

Moving A Thread

When you feel a thread isn't suitable for the board it was posted in, you can move it to another board of the forum by selecting the "move topic" button at the bottom of the thread. A message where the topic was moved to and who moved it will replace the original message so users know that it has been moved to another location. Be sure either consult or notify the other board's moderator that you are moving a thread to his/her board!

Locking A Thread

You can close a thread, so nobody can reply to it anymore, by clicking on the "lock topic" button at the bottom of the screen. You can unlock it by clicking the same button. We advise you to give a reason why the thread has been locked. The most common reasons to lock a thread are to halt flame wars and to lock a "Sticky" board guidelines post.

Deleting A Thread

If you feel a thread has no use, or is in direct violation with the agreement, you can delete it by clicking on the "remove topic" button, located near the bottom of the display page. Please be very careful about your decision, because once deleted, a thread cannot be retrieved. A logfile will show what moderator deleted the post and their internet address at the time.


Moderators can make posts "Sticky" which will cause the post to remain at the top of the message list no matter how old the post is. This is a good way to make board guidelines and important information stand out on your board. Take note that the most recently added "sticky" goes to the top of the list. To move a sticky to the top of the list you need to "unsticky" it and then "re-sticky" it. The "Sticky" link at the bottom of a message display screen is a "toggle" which means it will cause a regular message to become sticky and a sticky message to revert to a regular message (become "unsticky").

Moderators are not Forum Cops! Don't throw your weight around just for the hell of it, be conservative with your power. If you are not sure if you should do something or not then you probably shouldn't without first talking to another moderator or Henry. We're all here to enjoy our rail oriented hobby and moderators exist to keep the boards peaceful, active and interesting to participate in.