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Creating a new thread
Posting a reply
Uploading Photos
Quick Jump Bookmarking

Creating a new thread

In order to start a discussion on a subject, you must create a thread, you can do this by clicking the "Start new topic" on the board index page.

Posting a reply

To reply to a post, you can click on "Reply" at the top or bottom of the message display. If you want to insert a quote to which you are replying, you can click the "Reply w/Quote" button above and to the right of the post.

Uploading Photos

To upload a photo you need to know where on your computer that photo is stored. Compose your text portion of the post and then click the "Browse" button. This example is for M$ Internet Explorer 5.0 and up, but Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla and Avant are all similar. Locate your photo on your computer by navigating through the folders in the file requestor until you find the photo and click on its name. Click "Open" and the photo's path will be displayed under your post in the text editor. Click "Post" and the photo will be uploaded with the post. Note that uploading will cause a delay from the time you click "Post" until the window refreshes and the post appears because the photo needs to be transferred to our forum. This delay will range from a few seconds for a small image on fast internet connection to a number of minutes for a large image when using a dialup connection. Be patient and watch the progress indicator on your browser, usually at the bottom of the window. If for any reason your photo upload fails, try using the "Modify" link, available at the upper right of your new post, to re-upload your photo without having to re-type your whole post.

Only one photo per post may be attached and M$ Internet Explorer works best for uploading photos. You can test photo uploading in our Test Board and a good page for photo scanning tips is at http://www.scantips.com/

Quick Jump Bookmarking

If you would like to bookmark or copy the URL of a specific response number just click the "Quick-Jump" link next to the "Reply w/Quote" at the top of the message you are viewing and it will put that specific response in the URL Location gadget in your web browser. You can then Bookmark or copy the URL for the specific response number. IE users can hover their cursor over the Quick-Jump link and use the right mouse button menu to "Copy Shortcut" which will place the URL into your clipboard so you can paste it into another application such as an email window.>


For obvious reasons standard HTML code cannot be used in posts. Instead YaBB allows the use of YaBB Bulletin Board Code (YaBBC) in posts. YaBBC is similar to HTML, but safe and standardized for bulletin board use.
Type This   For This
[url=http://site.com]SITE[/url]   SITE
[url]http://site.com[/url]   http://site.com
[img width=80 height=40]http://site.com/image.gif[/img]  
[b]Bold[/b]   Bold
[i]Italic[/i]   Italic
[u]Underlined[/u]   Underlined
[s]strikethrough[/s]   strikethrough
[color=Red]Red text[/color]   Red text
[move]stuff[/move] stuff :)
[shadow=color,glow width, #characters wide]TEXT[/shadow] Shadowed Text
[glow=color,glow width, #characters wide]TEXT[/glow]   Glowing Text
[flash]http:/site.com/flash.swf[/flash]   Flash Movie
[quote]Quoted text[/quote]  
Quoted text

In modern browsers the YaBBC tags and Emoticon "Smilies" will be accessible by buttons in the post editor window. Most browsers will display a "Tool Tip" (descriptive text) for the buttons if you "hover" your mouse pointer over the button for a second or two. Note that the tags may be inserted at the very bottom of your text so you may have to cut and paste them into your post to put them where you want them. Make sure the text cursor is at the place in your post where you want the YaBBC tag or Smilie.


Emoticons or "Smilies" are a fun way to express your emotion in your posting. They can help you indicate whether you are joking, happy, sad, or a variety of other things. Each YaBB emoticon uses standard chat-style key-strokes, so it requires no thinking on your part.


Emoticon Type this...
??? or ?!?

Emoticons or "Smilies" can be disabled when posting by using the "Disable Smilies" checkbox under the post editor.