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    From: "Ted Lemen" hi_jeanx -AT- yahoo -DOT- com
    Date: Thu Jul 26 10:47:03 2012
    Subject: Southern 401 is ready to return to the museum grounds on Saturday, July 21 during steam weekend.
    image/jpeg, 1157x933 (24bit)


Photo EXIF Data:

Image Creation Date   2010:01:29 21:19:17
Model   EX-Z35
Software Version   1.00
X Resolution   72 Pixels/Inch
Y Resolution   72 Pixels/Inch
YCbCr Positioning   Datum Point
Image Capture Date   1.00
Image Digitized Date   1.00
Exposure Bias   +1 EV
Focal Length   1mm
Exposure Time   1 Sec.
Aperture   f1
Exif Image Width   12584456 pixels
Exif Image Height   12584456 pixels
Exposure Program   Unknown (1544)
Exposure Mode   Unknown (3112)
White Balance   Unknown (3112)
ISO Speed Rating   2688224296 (3112)
Metering Mode   Unknown (1544)
EXIF Version  
FlashPix Version  
Light Source/White Balance   Unknown (3112)
Flash   Flash Not Fired; Compulsory Flash Firing; No Flash Function;
Compressed Bits Per Pixel   Infinity
Aperture Value   f1.4
Max Aperture Value   f1.4
ColorSpace   Unknown (1544)
Component Configuration   Unknown( )Unknown( )Unknown( )Unknown( )
Digital Zoom Ratio   16777216/16777216x
35mm Focal Length   1544mm
Scene Capture Type   Unknown (3112)
Gain Control   Unknown (3112)
Contrast   Unknown (3112)
Saturation   Unknown (3112)
Sharpness   Unknown (3112)
Recording Mode   Unknown (8456)

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