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Closer view of C44-9W 9744 on Q390-23.
Q390 is a daily manifest from C&NW's Proviso Yard to Selkirk and frequently has UP run-through power.
This power turned at Selkirk and ran back to Proviso on counterpart Q351-25 via the connection from the Big Four Indy Sub out of Berea to the B&O main at Greenwich, OH.
Canon EOS D30 28-300mm at 63mm, 1/400 sec f7.1, ISO 200
8/24/2002 15:30:10 - 990x685 JPEG (Original 2160x1440 999KB)
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We headed off to Dunkirk where we caught ex-CR C40-8W 7311 leading stacker X165-24 at Middle Road near CP 38.
This X165 was apparently an advance section of Q165 which is a Tuesday-Sunday intermodal run from South Kearny, NJ to Chicago/Cicero, IL.
Canon EOS D30 28-300mm at 300mm, 1/400 sec f8, ISO 400
8/24/2002 15:58:11 - 990x660 JPEG (Original 2160x1440 1281KB)
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Sort of artsy slow-shutter pan shot of the 7311 passing through the west end of Dunkirk Yard at Middle Rd.
That's Alco's Brooks Works in the right background.
Canon EOS D30 28-300mm at 28mm, 1/60 sec f13, ISO 400
8/24/2002 15:58:20 - 850x567 JPEG (Original 2160x1440 857KB)
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This is a shot of the forlorn Tower X in Dunkirk near CP-39.
It used to control the west end of Dunkirk Yard and the connection with the Erie Dunkirk Branch as well as the eastern approach to the Dunkirk passenger station.
Canon EOS D30 28-300mm at 55mm, 1/125 sec f8, ISO 400
8/24/2002 16:28:22 - 990x660 JPEG (Original 2160x1440 1667KB)
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Brand new AC44's 5104 and 5103 are eastbound on their maiden voyage with auto racks on train Q254-24 (formerly CR ML-488) passing X Tower at CP-39 in Dunkirk.
The Dunkirk passenger station was about where the visible end of the train is.
Canon EOS D30 28-300mm at 34mm, 1/125 sec f10, ISO 400
8/24/2002 16:32:12 - 990x684 JPEG (Original 2160x1440 1400KB)
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Q254-24 is about to Resume Speed on Track 2 at the west end of Dunkirk yard at the WB CP-39 signal bridge.
Q254 runs automotive traffic daily from Collinwood Yard at Cleveland to the Doremus, NJ auto ramp.
Canon EOS D30 28-300mm at 125mm, 1/125 sec f7.1, ISO 400
8/24/2002 16:32:21 - 990x537 JPEG (Original 2160x1440 1078KB)
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After waiting a few minutes at Temple Road on the west side of Dunkirk near CP-42, CSX sent us eastbound Q392-24 out of Willard Yard with SD70MACs 738 and 754 on the head end.
It's about to hit the brand-new Dunkirk Dragger (MP 42.6) on Track 2. The DED cabin had a nifty Excalibur skate antenna on it.
Canon EOS D30 28-300mm at 28mm, 1/320 sec f5, ISO 400
8/24/2002 16:59:04 - 990x701 JPEG (Original 2160x1440 1528KB)
img_3544.jpg   188098 bytes


Q392-24 bangs the CP-42 crossovers just west of the EB CP-42 signal bridge. CP-42 is the beginning of 5 miles of triple-track through Dunkirk to CP-37.
Q392 is a daily Willard, OH to Buffalo, NY, Frontier Yard mixed freight. It can have work at Collinwood, Ashtabula and Dunkirk. This day it spent just under an hour in Dunkirk.
Canon EOS D30 28-300mm at 107mm, 1/320 sec f6.3, ISO 400
8/24/2002 16:59:10 - 990x783 JPEG (Original 2160x1440 1314KB)
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Q392 had a treat for us on the tail end! How often do you see a Jade Green caboose at the tail end of a mainline freight on the old NYC?
KWUX 104 was interchanged to CN at Buffalo on Monday the 26th.
Canon EOS D30 28-300mm at 28mm, 1/200 sec f4, ISO 400
8/24/2002 17:00:23 - 990x682 JPEG (Original 2160x1440 1200KB)
img_3550.jpg   101692 bytes


Our next stop was the Westfield Station where we were just in time to catch westbound AC44's 459 and 416 rolling a long string of empty hoppers back to Russel, KY from Rotterdam Jct. NY as E479-23.
Canon EOS D30 28-300mm at 48mm, 1/200 sec f4.5, ISO 400
8/24/2002 17:33:39 - 990x692 JPEG (Original 2160x1440 1601KB)
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The E479 prepares to knock down the CP-58 Track 1 signal on a classic NYC split mast.
Canon EOS D30 28-300mm at 181mm, 1/200 sec f5.6, ISO 400
8/24/2002 17:33:55 - 850x582 JPEG (Original 2160x1440 1293KB)
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Westfield has a classic LS&MS style stone station building in excellent condition.
Inside is a large dismantled O scale layout.
It's time to head back to Eden for eats!
Canon EOS D30 28-300mm at 28mm, 1/200 sec f4, ISO 400
8/24/2002 17:35:03 - 990x592 JPEG (Original 2160x1440 1543KB)
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At the Eden Center B&SW (Erie) depot is Buffalo Southern high-nose Alco C420 2010.
I had to stop to grab a couple of shots.
Canon EOS D30 28-300mm at 28mm, 1/160 sec f4.5, ISO 400
8/24/2002 18:39:05 - 990x715 JPEG (Original 2160x1440 1571KB)
img_3561.jpg   155958 bytes


About 500 yards west of the depot is this motley looking assemblage of derelicts.
There's an RS3, two Alco switchers, a passenger car and a derrick with an idler flat.
Canon EOS D30 28-300mm at 300mm, 1/125 sec f5.6, ISO 400
8/24/2002 18:41:39 - 850x691 JPEG (Original 2160x1440 1328KB)
img_3569.jpg   118074 bytes


On the way back west on Sunday evening we chased westbound Q391-25 to the PA state line. We made a bee-line from the I-90 exit to Bort Road where there's a one-lane wooden bridge over CSX, just in time to catch C40-8 7589 leading HLCX SD40-2 6319 on Q391-25 just east of CP-70.
Q391 runs mixed freight daily from Frontier Yard in Buffalo to C&O's Walbridge Yard and T&OC's Stanley Yard at Toledo via Fostoria.
Canon EOS D30 28-300mm at 93mm, 1/320 sec f9, ISO 200
8/25/2002 18:00:41 - 900x712 JPEG (Original 2160x1440 1982KB)
img_3571.jpg   199233 bytes


I did see a headlight in the distance as Q391 hit CP-70!
NS Catfish 9575 leads an unknown eastbound past the tail end of Q391 approaching Bort Rd.
Canon EOS D30 28-300mm at 81mm, 1/400 sec f8, ISO 200
8/25/2002 18:03:14 - 990x535 JPEG (Original 2160x1440 1221KB)
img_3583.jpg   161417 bytes


The Catfish heels into the curve at Bort Road to end our weekend of railfanning. Bort Road is another good train watching spot!
Well almost, we chased Amtrak 43 from Elyria to Port Clinton, but it was too dark to get any shots!
Canon EOS D30 28-300mm at 28mm, 1/400 sec f11, ISO 200
8/25/2002 18:03:18 - 990x579 JPEG (Original 2160x1440 1266KB)
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