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This is another great spot for train watching. Back in Huron at CP 232 you can park just off Old River Rd. right by the tracks with a primo view down the S-curve through town.
Eastbound NS 206 with a ubiquitous Catfish leading, the 9428, snakes through a classic NYC signal bridge and across the Huron River past a classic NYC twin-head signal mast.
Just behind me is the line to the Con Agra facility which the W&LE serves a few times a week.
Just across the river past the signal bridge is the Main Street grade crossing where the Huron depot used to sit.
Canon EOS D30 28-300mm at 149mm, 1/500 sec f7.1, ISO 200
8/11/2002 16:16:02 - 950x656 JPEG (Original 2160x1440 1276KB)


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