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We hopped on to Rt. 2 to get to Baumhart Rd and CP 216. There really isn't any public access to the tracks at the underpass by CP 216 so we took Coper-Foster Park Rd W to the grade crossing between CP 216 and CP 214.
This is a very classic and cool multi-track NYC type spot! There are still 3 mains and a yard here to serve the nearby Ford plant. This photo doesn't do the location justice.
20 minutes after TC 899570 rolled by on Track 2, eastbound RoadRailer 262 blasted through on Main 1. The triple signaled CP 216 signal bridge is just visible above the end of the train.
Like its westbound counterpart, RR261 was very long. We had heard the 262 being made up 2-1/2 hours earlier as we crossed the yard at Sandusky on Rt. 2 shortly after heading out for the day.
If you drive Rt 2 past Vermilion, CP 216 is just north of the Baumhart Rd exit at the red, white and blue bridge, you can't miss it!
Canon EOS D30 28-300mm at 28mm, 1/500 sec f10, ISO 200
8/11/2002 14:41:50 - 950x708 JPEG (Original 2160x1440 1861KB)


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