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Twelve minutes later this eastbound came by CP 226 at Frailey Rd.
I had been walking down the ballast to get the signals in the shot and wouldn't you know it, a freaking sheriff cruiser pulls up to the grade crossing and starts squawking at me through its PA:
"There's a train coming!"
Duh, yeah, why do you think I am trotting down the right of way with a camera?
I walked back to the grade crossing and shot it from there. The sheriff had pulled to the north side of the crossing and was still squawking unintelligibly at me while I pointed at the camera and then the train when the train came by between us and cut him off :)
I wasn't going to talk to him until AFTER I got the shot, he had already ruined the one I WANTED to get. He got bored waiting for the long intermodal and left!
We never did get the symbol of the train, the hogger was one of those fellas who refuses to call signals _into_ the microphone.
Well worn CR C40-8W 8348 leading an 8800 spartan cab Dash 9 and a CR SD60 made the shot worthwhile anyways.
Canon EOS D30 28-300mm at 55mm, 1/500 sec f6.3, ISO 100
8/11/2002 13:02:49 - 950x633 JPEG (Original 2160x1440 1898KB)


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