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Railfanning in a Living Room

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Here the 39 car coal train rolls through the Dining Room around "Tiger Barb Curve" while the hogger gets ready to knuckle down for the climb up the Helix.
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3 PRR FM Trainmasters lug a loaded coal train around Dining Room Curve.
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View toward the Helix from the Dining Room.
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View toward the Dining Room from near the Helix.
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The Helix and Living Room area.
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The coal train wraps above itself upgrade on the Helix.
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The coal train reverses on the upper level of the Helix prior to descending on Track Two.
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We've got SD35's on point of a 39 car coal train now.
Here it wraps around upgrade on the Helix.
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The tail end crew gets a good look at their train from their N5 cabin on the third level of the Helix.
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The coal train makes a big S as it starts its descent from the top of the Helix.
That's a trio of Kato SD80MACs in the center of the loop. They are good runners, but picky about trackwork and the body mount couplers on the long frames pull cars with truck mounted couplers off the track.
I need to body mount a Micro-Trains coupler to a coal gon to run the MACs on their own unit train.
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Atlas' beautiful SD35's crest the grade at the top of the Helix.
Note the unnumbered third unit, it and two sisters will eventually get some of my custom made decals.
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Here's a broadside of the three SD35's on the coal train.
Not only are they great looking, they are excellent runners too.
Dragging 40 Atlas 90 ton hoppers and a Bowser N5 cabin up the Helix they barely slow down.
The only problem with them so far is that the lead unit will sometimes escape from the other two, I'll have to tweak a coupler or two.
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The publicity photog got a clue and shot a time exposure to get some depth of field!
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The Pennsy sent out the company photographer to shoot its brand new SD35's on the head end of a unit coal train. Somebody's gotta teach this guy about depth of field!
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Here the three units and 39 hoppers snake through the "Esses" on their way into the Dining Room.
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The coal train snakes its way out of the Living Room into the Dining Room through the "Esses."
That's 13 feet of N Scale train, 2/5ths of a scale mile!
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The head end crew doesn't mind not having a cabin on the tail end because they can do a roll-by on their own at the return loop at the top of the Helix!
Future plans include creating a "high-level viaduct" module to extend the upper level return loop out into the room.
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