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(rshsdepot) Tiffin, OH

From The Advertiser-Tribune...

1862 railroad depot rehabilitated 

By Patrick Bamwine, pbamwine_@_advertiser-tribune.com 

At the intersection of North Monroe Street and the railroad, an 1862 railroad depot is being single-handedly rehabilitated by Larry Breidenbach, owner of Breidenbach's Painting. 

Originally owned by the Mad River Rail Road, the building was shut down in 1938 and has been deteriorating. It served eleven rail tracks at its peak. 
For rail enthusiasts, it still displays its nostalgic presence and Breidenbach says he is "breathing life back into it." He indicates he is passionate and committed to its original physical and aesthetic integrity. Already, he has rehabilitated the two original chimneys. 

"I have installed floodlights which I turn on at night to indicate the building is being given a breath of fresh air." He says further, "I will give the building a beautiful paint job and restore all windows and doors "back in time." 

The building has intricate trimwork and moulding. The original tinwork above the windows will also be restored to its original form, but for this, Breidenbach is looking for the help of a tinsmith. 

He already has trimmed the trees around the property and is planning on appropriate landscaping scheme that will feature a flower and water garden. Among other materials, he is using recycled limestone slabs donated by the city and various people. The finished building will serve as the headquarters of Breidenbach Painting Ltd.

The Railroad Station Historical Society maintains a database of existing
railroad structures at: http://www.rrshs.org