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(rshsdepot) Help MBTA Look Ahead

[source: CLF-News: February 26, 2003] 

Upcoming Events 

March 5 & 6: 
Public Hearings on the MBTA’s 25-Year Capital Plan
Hearings on the Draft Program for Mass Transportation 

Help MBTA Look Ahead  

Do you use public transit? Do you care about public transit in your
community? Did you know that the Program for Mass Transportation (PMT), a
25-year transit planning process, is happening now? Please join us at CLF's
Massachusetts Advocacy Center in Boston for a brief presentation about the
PMT process, followed by a discussion. Click here for details, directions,
and RSVP information. 

[details probably available on the CLF Web Site at www.clf.org]

The Railroad Station Historical Society maintains a database of existing
railroad structures at: http://www.rrshs.org