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(rshsdepot) Tucson, AZ

City may get $4M for depot project

Citizen Staff Report
Feb. 14, 2003

Tucson may get $4 million in federal funding this year for the Downtown
Intermodal Center, being developed at the site of the old train depot off
Toole Avenue.
The funding would come from a $397 billion spending bill being advanced by
Republican congressional leaders.

The downtown center is at the site of the Southern Pacific railroad station.

The restoration project is planned to provide a new home for Amtrak, for
shuttle and trolley services, a transportation museum, restaurants, shops
and office space.
More than $24.5 million would come to the state for transportation-related
projects, Rep. Ed Pastor, D-Ariz., a member of the House Appropriations
Committee, said yesterday. That would include $12 million for a 20-mile
Phoenix-area light-rail system.

The Railroad Station Historical Society maintains a database of existing
railroad structures at: http://www.rrshs.org