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(rshsdepot) Green Forest, AR

From the Star-Tribune=2E=2E=2E

Railroad depot sale gets project rolling

By Anna Mathews, CCN staff writer
GREEN FOREST -- The railroad depot renovation project is finally under way=

after nearly a year of talks and discussions=2E

Last Thursday, a deal was struck between the City of Green Forest and
resident Robert Smalley, who sold the depot to the town=2E

The final papers were signed when members of the Community Improvement
Committee met for their regular monthly meeting at City Hall=2E

They had proposed purchasing the depot, relocating the building to the
12-acre parcel of land the city purchased across from the ballfields, and
renovating the structure into an historical display and meeting hall=2E

Smalley, who owned the depot, agreed to sell the building for $5,000=2E It=

had been appraised at $12,000=2E

City council members previously approved the use of $10,000 in city funds
for the depot project=2E

Committee chairman Stanley Norris said the remaining $5,000 will be used t=
move the depot, establish utilities, build a footing, reroof the structure=
insulate, and construct a front porch and handicap-access ramp=2E

The community's support will be necessary to make that happen, he said=2E

"We're hoping the $10,000 will cover the purchase, the move, and getting i=
set up," he explained=2E

Norris sought two bids for the move=2E A company in Bentonville will be do=
the work for $3,000=2E The other bid was nearly double=2E

"We've got it bought and we're moving forward," Norris stated=2E "We're go=
to wait for good weather to get it moved, probably early summer=2E

"We're going to be in there right away, though," he continued, "to line ou=
the location of bathrooms and a small kitchen=2E We want this to be a plac=
where the community can meet and have it handicap-accessible=2E"

He said volunteers will be lining out where the utilities will go and
getting them established at the new location, so the site will be ready
when the depot is moved=2E

"It's going to take a community effort to do this," Norris noted=2E "It's
going to take time, money, electricians, and plumbers=2E It will be a
community project=2E"

People have already come forward with donations, but many more are needed,=

said Norris=2E People wishing to donate money can contact Norris until a b=
account is established for that purpose=2E

Norris has set a target date of late summer to have the building open and

"We need the community's support," Norris reiterated, "now that we've got
the project started=2E"

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