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(rshsdepot) Thieves Hit Strasburg Railroad

Unfortunately, here is a situation we all need to be
aware of...

> "Last night, thieves forcibly broke in at the
> Strasburg Rail Road's
> engine house, and took the following items:
> The number plates from engines #31, #90, #475.
> Classification lights from engines #31, and #89.
> 1 new classification light.
> 6 rear end marker lamps, 4 kerosene, and 2 converted
> to battery
> operation. 1 photograph of engine #89 on the Green
> Mountain. Side view
> with specifications. 1 Strasburg Rail Road rule
> book. Red loose leaf
> format. 1 Small (about =BD normal size) locomotive
> brass bell and yoke. 1
> ICC steam locomotive defect chart.
> They also forced open (and destroyed in the process)
> a steel door to the
> back shop, but we haven't spotted anything missing
> from in there yet. It
> appears that there were two perpetrators in that
> they left many
> footprints and tire tracks in the snow. Pennsylvania
> State Police are
> investigating. They seemed to have a specific
> "shopping list" in that
> they took only railfan collectibles, and only
> specific ones at that. We
> at the Strasburg Rail Road ask for the help of the
> community to return
> our property to us, and to bring these criminals to
> justice. If anyone
> has any information, please call the Strasburg Rail
> Road at
> 717-687-8421. By the way, anyone know of a source
> for reproduction
> number plates? Seems like there was someone in
> Virginia, but I don't
> know for sure. "
The Railroad Station Historical Society maintains a database of existing
railroad structures at: http://www.rrshs.org