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Railroad museum returning to Sayre borough=20
By: WARREN HOWELER 02/05/2003=20

SAYRE - After spending the last six years in storage at the Bradford Count=
Historical Society, Sayre's railroad museum collection is headed back to
the borough, according to Sayre Historical Society President Henry Farley=2E=
Farley said the Bradford County Historical Society's Board of Directors
voted Monday to return Sayre's railroad museum collection to the borough=2E=
"The Sayre Historical Society sent a letter to the Bradford County
Historical Society thanking Bradford County for hosting the collection,
saving it from the auction block and now that there's a permanent home in
Sayre, it was time to bring it back," he said=2E "But in order to plan how=
go forward with exhibits and the interior of the train station, that
collection really needs to be in Sayre=2E So we probably will be doing
everything we can to expedite the move as soon as possible=2E"=20
It has been the outcry from people who have railroad ancestry that Sayre's=

railroad museum be brought back to the borough, said Farley=2E=20
"Once people realized that that collection left Sayre, they were
horrified," he said=2E "At the same time, they were very thankful that
Bradford County was preserving the collection, but the aim has been to get=

it back here=2E"=20
The history of Sayre centers on the railroad, Farley noted=2E=20
"The Bradford County Historical Society's (issue of) The Settler for
February, which is being released as we speak, is the birth of Sayre from
1870 to 1888," he said=2E "It is a newspaper's chronology of the birth of =
town and every bit of it is railroad=2E So the railroad collection is just=

paramount in what we're all (about), and it will be a major part of the
museum when it is completed=2E"=20
The borough's railroad museum - which has not been in Sayre since 1997 -
will be put on display in the Lehigh Valley Train Station, which the Sayre=

Historical Society is leasing from the Borough of Sayre=2E=20
However, when the borough's railroad museum will be exhibited is still up
in the air because of the impending renovations that will be undertaken at=

the train station, according to Farley=2E=20
"We don't know when the exterior part of the work is going to be done=2E W=
(are) hoping for this summer," he said=2E "We met with the architect that =
done the exterior work (drawings)=2E Last week, the Sayre Historical Socie=
met with her and gave her ideas of how we would like to proceed inside, an=
she is going to do those plans for us and that's just actually the
structure itself=2E"=20
When the railroad museum is returned to the borough, the Sayre Historical
Society will immediately engage a consultant that deals with historical
displays, Farley stated=2E=20
"Then that person will come and do a (plan) for us," he said=2E "Then we'l=
know what we've got to do to fund-raise to actually pull this off, and
that's where we're at right now=2E We want the architect to give us a fill=

for how much money we're going to need for interior work and then we're
going to need the actual plan from the design person as to how much the
exhibits are going to cost to construct=2E"=20

=A9Daily and Sunday Review 2003=20

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