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(rshsdepot) Casa Grande, AZ

22 CG properties added to U=2ES=2E Historic Register
By: Staff Reports, Casa Grande Dispatch January 30, 2003=20
Another 22 Casa Grande buildings, in and near downtown, have been added to=

the National Register of Historic Places=2E =20
The additions, previously unannounced, are listed in the January edition o=
the City Beat news bulletin, which said the designations were made in
"With the new additions, there are now 52 individual properties in Casa
Grande listed on the National Register of Historic Places and 55 propertie=
with a Casa Grande Local Historic Landmark designation," the article said=2E=

It said that questions about how buildings are designated as historic
structures should go to city planner Ya-chi Huang at 421-8600, ext=2E 302=2E=

City Beat, an official city publication, said the newly designated
properties are:


21=2E Southern Pacific Railroad Depot (201 W=2E Main St=2E) - Built in 193=
9, the
property is a combination of Pueblo style and Art Deco, referred to as
Pueblo Deco=2E This combination is not common and the property is consider=
to be one of the best examples of its type in the Southwest=2E The structu=
was constructed to replace the first depot that was destroyed in June 1937=

=A9Casa Grande Valley Newspaper 2003 =20

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