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Re: (rshsdepot) Phillipsburg, NJ

Paul asked:

> 1) Is it feasible to put back the train to Phillipsburg? Or even, perish
> thought, just a little further west to link with the bigger SMSA (I
> used that term in years, forgive me)?

Sure -- by way of the DL&W, LV or CNJ -- take your pick. The DL&W and LV are
used daily by NS freights. The NS is on the ex CNJ right of way, but the CNJ
exists intact all the way to the current end of passenger service (though
not useable). CP actually has rights to use this line (and have it restored
at NS expense) if they are prohibited from getting to Oak Island via the LV
route for any reason.

The ex DL&W line is subject to "study" as an expension from Hackettstown.
> 2) or would this museum operate such a train(s)?
Doubtful. Despite the big plans, my guess is that anything beyond the ex Bel
Del (which would require major trackwork)  going souith is problematic.
Where would they go? Share tracks with NJT & NS eastward? Nah. Share tracks
with NS and NJT to Scranton? Nah. Share tracks with NS anywhere? Never.
Share tracks with NJT? Never.

> 3) Which reminds me of a question: Why when a museum or tourist line does
> operate at least seasonal service that could interconnect at one terminus
> where said terminal is served by a AMTRAK train...why do they rarely even
> try to have adequate connection times with the Amtrak trains?

Isn't that the aim of Adirondack Scenic at Utica? I think they actually
connected last year, did they not?

Sometimes there are issues between railroad employees and museum volunteers
on safety issues -- this was a great problem in the NH&I/CR (SEPTA)
connection at Warminster years ago.

I understand that a new Amtrak station plans for Leaman Place has provisions
for connections to Strasburg.

OK -- where else do museum/tourist trains and Amtrak meet?


The Railroad Station Historical Society maintains a database of existing
railroad structures at: http://www.rrshs.org