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(rshsdepot) Recent trips through MO, IL, KS, OK and TX

For family get togethers and other such events, my father (also Charles
Myers) and I took several sightseeing trips.  Listed below are some of the
trains and RR stations we saw on the trips.

June 20, 2002  Trip from Carrollton, MO to Emporia, KS and back
Trains: 13
Stations: 10 + 1 Tower
Notable Trains/Power:
   Boeing Train at Merrick Tower
   IMRL 109, 120, 216, 262, 610 at Knoche Yard
   Grain Train with EMDX 9028, 9013, 9072 at Norborne, MO
 KS: Lawrence (ATSF & UP), Newman, North Topeka (UP/CRIP), Topeka (2
ATSF),Osage City (ATSF), Reading (ATSF), Merrick (Tower), Ottawa, Ottawa
Junction (MOW office)

June 21, 2002  Trip from Carrollton, MO to Springfield, IL
Trains: 2
Stations: 2 + Bridge
Notable Power:
   ALCO RS unit at elevator near Cullen, IL
 MO: Farber (well restored H&SJ), Hannibal Lift Bridge
 IL: Winchester

June 23, 2002  Trip from Springfield, IL to Rolla, MO
Trains: 3
Stations: 4 + 3 Towers
 IL: Taylorville (Station plus Metal Engine House with steam loco tender),
Pana (2 stations and a buttressed brick tower), Ramsey (Tower with
outbuildings, boxcar and caboose), Vandalia (tower and modified station)

August 8 through 12, 2002 Trip from Carrollton, MO to Dallas, TX to Rolla
August 8, 2002
Trains: 23
Stations: 22 + 4 other structures
Notable Trains/Power:
  CK 2511 at Waynoka, OK in full Hudson Bay Railway paint
 KS: Strong City (ATSF), Cottonwood Falls (modified ATSF), Cedar Point
(crumbling ATSF),Florence (ATSF Station and Harvey House), Walton (Lehigh
ATSF Station), Newton (ATSF Deot plus shop), Sedgewick (ATSF), Conway
Springs (MP and KCM&O maybe), Argonia (MP), Danville (ATSF), Harper (KCM&O &
ATSF stations plus water tanks), Anthony (ATSF), Kiowa (ATSF), Hardtner (MP)
 OK: Alva (ATSF), Waynoka (ATSF P Station, F Station, Harvey House),
Mooreland (ATSF), Woodward (Modified ATSF and WF&NW)
Met a friendly train crew in Woodward where they were waiting on a meet.

August 9, 2002
Trains: 16
Stations: 14 + 4 Structures + 3 AMTK Shelters
Notable Trains/Power:
   ATL 1127 switching at Watonga, OK
   ATL Lite power at Greenfield, OK  ATL 8102, 2491, 2165, 1948
 OK: Carmen (KCM&O), Yewed (KCM&O), Fairview (KCM&O in park with other
historic structures, well worth the visit), Canton (KCM&O), El Reno (CRIP
station, shop buildings and yard tower), Yukon (ORyCo), Oklahoma City (ATSF
& Union Station), Norman (ATSF), Purcell (AMTK Shelter), Pauls Valley (ATSF,
AMTK Shelter, and ATSF Section House), Davis (ATSF), Ardmore (ATSF & AMTK
Shelter), Marietta (ATSF)
 TX: Gainsville (ATSF)

August 10, 2002
Trains: 11
Stations: 2
Notable Power:
  Heriatge rebuilt SF GP30 in Alliance Yard
 TX: Saginaw, Fort Worth (ATSF)

August 12, 2002
Trains: 9
Stations: 11 + 1 Coal Tower
Notable Power:
   @Carrollton, TX: NECR 3812, TNER 3806, DGNO 2000, DGNO 2001, DGNO 4016
   @Sherman, TX: GAAB 2077, TNER 25  both appear to be parts sources
   @Dennison, TX: GSWR 4026, IORY 4031, IORY 4033
   @McAlester, OK: AOK 1050, AOK 5913 (was switching cars)
 TX: Carrollton (L shaped at Junction), Dennison (MKT)
 OK: McAlester (MKT), Checotah (MKT), Muskogee (MV station, SLSF Frt
station, and KO&G Coaling Tower), Wagoner (MP and MKT Stations), Big Cabin

August 24, 2002   Trip to Lenexa Train Show
stopped at Santa Fe Junction for 4 hours and saw 32 train movements
Notable trains/Power:
   BNSF 325 Heritage GP60B
   KCS Executive Train at Knoche Yard
   TFM 2607 & 2617 at Knoche Yard

The station location information used to plan these trips was gotten from
the following web site:


This is a great resource, and the keeper of the list welcomes

I would also like to thank the others who have posted info about trips they
have taken and sights seen, as these were also helpful in planning these
trips which went well.  I must note that all the people we met in rural KS
and OK were receptive.  The several people we met that were connected to
museums were very willing to show us around and provide information.

If you wish more information, I would be happy to try to provide awnsers to
questions and someday the pictures that we took will be added to our wed

Charles Myers

The Railroad Station Historical Society maintains a database of existing
railroad structures at: http://www.rrshs.org