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Re: (rshsdepot) Hoboken Pleasure Railway

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<< OK, anyone know anything about the "Pleasure Railway at Hoboken, 1833,  >>

I never heard of it before your post, but found the following describing it:

"RAYNOR'S Regatta Pavilion took an entire blk on Kent 
b/w No.6th & 7th, running down to the rivers edge, partly 
on a bluff. There was a garden and a pleasure railway of wood 
that ran in a circle, refreshments of all kinds were served, 
a place for regattas."

From the description and the lithograph, it appears it was not a railway, the 
way we think of a railway today.  It was apparently something built to 
attract customers to the ferry from New York to Hoboken by offering an 
attraction on the New Jersey side of the river.  


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