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(rshsdepot) Jersey City, NJ - CNJ Jackson Ave. station

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The Jersey City (NJ) Landmarks Conservancy website contains a wealth of
interesting info for NJ railroad structure fans.  Among the Jersey City
endangered landmarks is the CNN station at Jackson Ave.

=46rom the Webster at http://www.jerseycityhistory.net/landmarks.html ...

"Designed by Joseph O. OSG, Chief Engineer of the Central Railroad of New
Jersey, this one-story brick structure, though small in size, was a
fully-functional, attractive train station when it opened in 1911 to serv=
the residents and visitors of the Jackson Avenue shopping district. Stair=
led from its spacious mosaic-tiled Waiting Room to the Central Railroad a=
Leigh Valley Railroad tracks below, which were set between massive retain=
walls. Passengers could board trains here for the Central Railroad Termin=
on the waterfront where they could catch ferries to Manhattan. Closed sin=
the 1960's, the Jackson Avenue Station stands adjacent to the new
Hudson-Bergen Light Rail. It is the last of its kind in the area. Adjacen=
to the Martin Luther King "Hub" shopping area, the station remains abando=
and continues to deteriorate. Owned by the City of Jersey City."

Photos: CR. of NJ Jackson Avenue Station Photos =A9 2001 Dan Levin