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Re: (rshsdepot) B&O Railroad Museum



> rshsdepot
> They did way back in the early 1900's before CNJ had a Jersey City Terminal.
> B&O did not make any NJ stops after Jersey City. These were handled by the
> CNJ. B&O did howver pick up mail at Elizabeth heading west but no
> passengers.
> NO!  B&O did NOT pick up mail at Elizabeth.  CNJ did and even though the
> trains were Royal Blue trains (several trains operated from Jersey City to
> Chicago, later cut back from Baltimore/Washington to Chicago in '58) the RPO
> was still operating on the CNJ.
> No, no passenger service from NJ to SI and then to NYC until 1958 when B&O
> stopped using Jersey City terminal for passenger trains and reached an
> agreement with PRR tp haul their passenger trains to NYC out of DC. NH also
> operated service to Phlly and DC under contract with the PRR.

NO!  I'm sorry Jerome, but I have to clarify this.  The ONLY time B&O trains
went into Penn Station was during the USRA (WW I).  Immediately after WW I the
PRR, as usual being the schmucks they were famous for being, threw  the B&O out
and the B&O was forced to return to Jersey City.  The 1958 discontinuances
removed all B&O passenger service north of Baltimore and they DID NOT have their
trains handled by PRR.  It would only be many years later that with the (what
was the name of the famous connection in Jersey?  Man, I am losing it!)
connection that CNJ trains, once the state was in control, switched over to the
PRR into Newark, but they did not go over to Penn Station, New York City.  It
was at this time that service into Communipaw--and the ferries--was/were

Further NH operated service into both the Grand and the Penn in New York City,
but they NH DID NOT operate service into Philly.  There may have been through
cars from Boston, as there were into DC, but they were not operated by the NH,
but, rather, were part of a PRR train.  Out of the Penn, PRR train crews
operated ACL-FEC/C&O/SAL and Southern Railway trains EXCEPT that dining car
crews of dining cars operated by those roads did go through into Penn Station
and did operate said dining cars.  For some years in the late 40's and early
50's (and perhaps earlier; I would have to check) there was through sleeping car
service from Boston to Florida points.