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(erielack) Tutti Frutti Oh Rudy, Erie Style


I do remember Norman Reddy.  He was a big fellow; supposedly his nickname 
down at the dispatchers office was “high and wide”.  You’re right, he was a 
bit excitable, although he wasn’t a bad guy after you got used to him.  I 
remember working an afternoon trick at DB with Norm at the East End desk, 
and he was asking me about a track foreman.  I told him that I had just seen 
the guy driving away from the plant.  Then about 5 minutes later, it turned 
out that I got it wrong and the foreman was still around.  So I told Norman 
that he was back, and he said “oh good, the second coming of Joe Ribando”.

I heard that Norman was one of the first wave of DL&W men who started 
qualifying on the Erie side soon after the merger.  Supposedly he was 
working at NX Drawbridge (Newark Branch) when it had a fire.  Sidebar, there 
was also a fire at WR West Arlington Tower sometime in the 1960s (Norman 
wasn’t there).  I believe that Granton Avenue Tower on the Northern Branch 
also had a fire; I’m unsure if it was still open at the merger.

As to Bookie, he went to Power Control in Cleveland a few years before I 

One correction from my note about Rudy Appeld: the timetable list I referred 
to was for Assistant Chief Train Dispatchers, not Assistant Trainmasters.

And while I’m ‘fessing up to my senior moments, Bob Bahrs pointed out that I 
am guilty of what I accused some of the ex-Erie dispatcher guys of doing, 
i.e. requiring mindreading.  OK, I sometimes forget to sign my notes to the 
list.  So in the interest of full disclosure, I am . . . .

James Gerofsky
a.k.a. Jim G.
a.k.a. JG at graytrainpix
graytrainpix being my railroad web site, which is:

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