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Re: (erielack) Morristown & Erie interchange

In a message dated 10/18/2006 8:56:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Charles_Walsh_@_Berlex.com writes:

>  take it that this meant that Ridgedale Avenue must have been blocked a
> good portion of the time.

No, Ridgedale Avenue was rarely blocked as there was ample room to do the 
switching within the complex but switiching across the road through the complex 
tied thoings up a lot and made headaches for the crew. After Vornado exited the 
discount store business various companies rented different buildings with 
some receiveing rail shipments but not all. The building closest to Ridgedale 
Ave. saw very limited use under Vorando receiving only an occasional load of 
rubber tires or automotive batteries. After the closing of Vorando's Two Guys 
stores Paper Mart, Inc. bought this building and has never used rail. The longest 
tenured tenent was Paul Jefferies Warehouse, Inc., which leased the third 
building and got the bulk of the inbound cars. Products included bagged dog food 
and disposable diapers plus a few other things. A lawn chemical company and one 
other warehosuing firm occupied the building across from Paul Jefferies and 
got a few cars, also. Can't recall their names at the moment. Another firm 
superceded Paul Jefferies but high rents eventually forced all to relocate. Two 
very large boilers destined for Novartis on Rte 10 were the last revenue loads 
handled there as far as I know. They came in shortly before I left the M&E in 

Al Holleuffer

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