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Re: (erielack) Operations: EL in the 60's (2) [Kent]

On Mon, 29 Aug 2005, Rich Behrendt wrote:

> Steve,
> I thought the Erie connection at Kent was for a B&O e/b move only to proceed
> e/b through the old yard and onto the Erie - wasn't aware that it actually
> was for a w/b move in addition to or rather than an e/b (?)
> While going to college out there, I remember hearing Chessie TrailerJets
> calling out on the radio 'Erie connection' when calling out signals became
> common on the B&O starting in the late '70's/early 80's - unfortunately,
> can't remember whether it was for e/b, w/b or both...

CSX crews now call it "Old ET" and OET for Old Erie Transfer. It's 6 miles
east of a friend's house in Cuyahoga Falls which I visit every summer to spend
the weekend watching CSX. His property butts up to the RR in a perfect 
railfan's urban camping spot. We can hear some trains on the radio call the
signals in Kent. On CSX going through that area westbound there are "Black
Horse," "Golf Course" "OET," "Kent" and "Bus Stop."

I do take time to poke around the remains of the Erie, of course.


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