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(erielack) Erie Steam Sighting?


By the time I came along (almost 1953), Erie steam was prettymuch gone. I do 
remember one possible encounter with Erie steam. I have some doubts. 

I was very young and we were on our way to my grandmother's house in 
Cleveland. Back then we always took the Ohio Turnpike. The Turnpike crossed over the 
Erie mains on a bridge near Freedom hill, that's not far from SR. 534, also 
near where the Trumbull County Soap Box Derby was held in it's later years. 

While we were travelling west, my dad pointed out a billow of smoke coming 
from a westbound train that had just passed underneath us, and said there was a 
steam engine on the train. I suppose I was 3 or 4 at the time. That would have 
made it about 1956 or later.

Could this have been a B&O steam powered freight detouring over the Erie? 
Seems a little late to be Erie steam. 

Used to see B&O steam all the time up till I was about 5 years old. Living in 
Warren, Oh. we used to see live and dead B&O steam going up the B&O's Lake 
Branch. Still remember hearing those chuffing engines, even the dead ones. 
Evidently,  some engines still had their rods connected.

The dead engines were on there way to Luntz Iron and Steel between Warren and 
Champion. After they were cut up, the scap was sold to Copperweld Steel right 
next door. 

Neither Luntz or Copperweld still exist in the Warren area. Copperweld 
falling victim to unfair foreign competition with about 2,500 jobs lost, no longer 
needs scrap steel from Luntz. 

Rick Fleischer
Cortland, Oh.

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