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Re: (erielack) How many work for a railroad?

For what it's worth, I drive for Broome County Transit in Binghamton. I 
pulled up to the stop at Oakdale Mall Saturday afternoon, and there was a 
line of guys taking pictures of my bus as I was stopped. Turns out they were 
a group of bus fans from NY City on their way to a meeting in Buffalo. They 
stopped there for lunch so they could eat and get some bus shots. I suddenly 
understood how train crews feel!! Go figure.

Tom B

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> When I used to go to the Train Master hobby shop near
> the take off runway of Stapleton airport in Denver
> their was always guys with cameras sitting taking
> photos of air planes taking off. Never realized that
> plains had a following like trains until I saw those
> guys on my trips to the hobby shop.
> Bob Stafford
> --- "Gary R. Kazin" <gkazin_@_yahoo.com> wrote:
>> --- Todd Hollritt <thollritt_@_yahoo.com> wrote:
>> > Hmmmmm I may be a little off here, but could it be
>> you never see an
>> > airplane fan with a TWA shirt standing in the
>> middle of an active runway
>> > attempting to get that "Perfect photo"! 

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