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Re: (erielack) B&SW Operations

That makes sense. It is unlikely that EL would reroute a train if it meant an extra crew, especially in a full-crew state like NY. The reroute lengthened the scheduled Buffalo-Meadville time of BM-9 to 10 hours; I wonder how often the crews outlawed? I gather the Kent run-through was limited to the longer distance east coast trains, as the Marion-Meadville scheduled times of some of the "pick-up" trains like 78 and MC-3 exceeded 12 hours.

Paul B

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  On February 22, 1969 the UTU (and the B of LE) and the EL entered into an agreement that provided for interdivisional through freight service.  That agreement permitted manifest trains to run through the terminals at Kent, OH, Salamanca, NY and Susquehanna, PA.

  About the same time, (but not specifically mentioned in the above quoted agreement) some Meadville-Buffalo trains started running via River Jct.  This may have been covered by another agreement, of which I don't have a copy.

  Hopefully, Mr. Heckman can provide more information on this as he worked it for years.


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