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(erielack) Nanuet Passing Sidings (ex NJ&NY)

This discussion reminded me of another, proposed connection involving
ex-Erie and ex-West Shore trackage. In the late 70's, Conrail's plans for
route rationalization proposed a connection between the Graham line and the
former NYC Walkill Valley line at Campbell Hall; this would have permitted
traffic from ex-EL North Jersey territory (including the largest shipper,
Ford at Mahwah) to follow a West Shore routing via Kingston and would have
ended through freight service west of C.Hall. The plan was dropped due to
vigorous opposition from the State of NY, which had already invested
millions to rehabilitate the Southern Tier route.

Paul B

There is a connection at Newburgh NY. And yes, there is a huge elevation
change between the two railroads. The former Erie line grade drops towards
the Hudson River and then there is a bridge that crosses over the old NYC
line and then runs parallel to it unit they are at the same grade. It seems
that at one time there was a small interchange track there as well. All of
this still exists. You will find it between the oil tank farms and the
marinas along, what I beleive is, River Road.

Erik Magnus

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