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(erielack) FW: Special Notice

Another interesting tidbit from Bill Sheppard:
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   Thought that you and others might be interested in reading the following notice issued on January 8th, 1944 by Erie RR Company Trainmaster L. J. Roche (no change to spelling or punctuation): 

     "New York Division Conductors or engineers wishing to qualify on physical characteristics of NYO&W Railroad between Main Steet MiddletownN.Y., and Crawford Junction will secure a letter
from Trainmaster or Road Foreman of engines to be presented to Trainmaster Bennett at
Middletown N.Y., when presenting themselves for examination and interview by representatives of 
the NYO&WRR.

      Employes who are not familiar with Pine Bush Branch will be required to make a trip over this territory before the NYO&W will qualify them to operate over their line between Main Street, Middletown, N.Y., and Crawford Junction.

     Arrange accordingly."

cc Callers. Po.
     Yardmaster CX
     Mr. G.T.Sheets
     Mr. C.H.Kinback
     Mr. C.L.Smith

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