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(erielack) Pics on your birthday

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3364_Denville_NJ-5-14-71_-_Steve_Hepler.jpg (image/jpeg, 800x654 110183 bytes, BF: 4.75 ppb)

Hi folks,

Over the weekend, while scanning some slides, I was surprised to see a few of which were taken on the day I was born (May 14, 1971). I did a bit of searching through my collection, and found yet another photo taken on my birthdate (see attached shot of U34CH 3364 at Denville, NJ by Steve Hepler).

The shots I scanned in (I'll post them tonight) are of Erie Stillwells at Middletown, NJ. I find it rather interesting that the shots I have that were taken on my birthdate represent two ends of the passenger spectrum - old Stillwell coaches, and brand-new GE commuter power.

Do any listers have photos that were taken on the day YOU were born of EL/DL&W/Erie equipment that you care to share?

	- Paul

	 <<3364 (Denville, NJ - 5-14-71 - Steve Hepler).jpg>> 

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