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Re: (erielack) Okay, A new set of EL questions

Nice, just the way I wanted my responses, thanks SMT! anybody else care to chip in?

Smtimko_@_aol.com wrote:As far as items 2 and 3----
The Mahoning Division could be a nightmare during ore season.  Up until the mid-60's there were 12 passenger trains a day on the double track railroad through Youngstown.  Mix that with four or five ore trains and as many empty trains, the regular freight trains plus the transfer drags and you have a busy stretch of railroad.  The P&LE interchanged usually two trains each way of up to 100 cars EACH daily.  That's 300 to 400 cars a day to switch at Brier Hill.
Hot metal trains to Hubbard three times a day, Warren six times a day and Sharpsville twice a day.
Throw in all the locals (wayfreights) and yard crews that switch industries and it's pretty darn busy.
For train density, it's not the New York Division but for tonnage, it's hard to beat.
I worked as an Operator and a Train Dispatcher on the Mahoning Division from June of 1965 to Conrail and second trick on the Mahoning 1st and 2nd Sub-Division Dispatching Desk was a real workout.

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