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Re: (erielack) Slgihtly off-topic...


Looked at UP's website and found the C&EI logo (the oblong-shaped logo  used 
prior to absorption of the C&EI by the L&N/MP) shown. It is hard to  believe 
that has UP rights (or at least exclusive rights) to this logo --  would not 
CSX have rights to it as well? This now begs the question, let us  assume UP 
allows you to use the C&EI logo -- must you also get permission  from CSX before 
actually using it?
That question asked, what about rights to such "predecessor" roads at the  
Chicago Attica & Southern? This was part of the C&EI and was spun off  years 
before the UP ever even considered that C&EI might become part of its  empire. 
(The CA&S used a swastika for an emblem -- and no, this was years  before the 
swastika took on a more sinister connotation.) Can the UP lay  claim to this 
logo? In reading the UP's website 
(_http://www.uprr.com/aboutup/licensing/index.shtml_ (http://www.uprr.com/aboutup/licensing/index.shtml) ),  it states: 
"Union Pacific controls the use of all modern and  historic logos from Union 
Pacific and constituent railroads, including logos  that are not pictured on this 
Web site."  Well, that statement  leaves a lot of room for interpretation -- and 
possible litigation.
Bill Shapotkin

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