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Re: (erielack) Foreign/Pool Power on EL new thread (Detours)

In a message dated 7/28/2005 8:17:33 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
Edward.Montgomery_@_fcps.edu writes:

With all  this discussion of foreign power it brings to mind the coming 50th 
anniversary  of Hurricane Diane tearing up the Lackawanna in August of 1955.  
A couple  of thoughts about that:  When Lackawanna got back in operation it  
detoured over the LV to get to Scranton.  I've often wondered why because  
there was the "Interstate Express" run-through between the DL&W and the  CNJ.  Why 
didn't Lackawanna just detour everything over CNJ?

The  Erie didn't receive as much damage from the storm but there was a 
washout  around Lackawaxen and everything was underwater at Port Jervis.  I  believe 
Erie detoured over the D&H and NYO&W during that period of  flooding.  I've 
never seen any pictures of this but it must have been  interesting seeing the 
through-line passenger trains passing through  Fallsburg, Liberty, Roscoe, 
Cadosia and other towns.

Does anybody have  further comments on this?

Ed Montgomery

To make a lengthy story short,  Capacity played a big part. With  out going 
an reviewing paper work I have I know that both the LV and  CNJ had all they 
could handle,  and were turning away trains.

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