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Re: (erielack) Foreign/Pool Power on EL new thread (Detours)

Before the EL merger (Oct 60) I spent many many hours, and sleepovers at my 
Grandparents on the end of Myrtle Street (there was a footbridge there, the 
grade crossing wasn't put in and street connected until the steamtown era). 
The was hardly ever anything thru but DL&W, I rember a couple times Erie 
detours came through Scranton due to wrecks on the Port Jervis line.  I 
particularly remember a typical crisp snow covered morning. hearing the tell 
tale throb of a pair of E8's emerging from Nay Aug tunnel and heading east 
along the gorge of the Roaring Brook, since it was about 7 AM I assumed it 
was the DL&W morning train to Hoboken. What a surprise when headlight 
appeared "high" on the nose and two Green Erie units roared into sight under 
the footbridge. The wings on the nose looked huge from trackside. these 
detours seldom lasted a day or 2 , and sometimes it was only the passenger 
trains, although I did see freight trains, and they would be all EMD F Unit 
powered, with DLW helpers ("Pushers" as they were locally called) behind the 
caboose. This was also before Pennsylvania's law ordering cabooses behind or 
unoccupied if more than 3000HP) As tthe Erie had steel cabooses they were 
treated same as DLWs.I never saw any other road EAST of Scranton,  I did see 
D&H RS3s once going west to Binghamton. again I think it must have been a 


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