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RE: (erielack) Foreign/Pool Power on the EL

> What foreign/pool power was typically seen here in the East 
> on the EL and did those connections exist before the merger 
> of the Erie and DL&W?? Any and all info would be greatly 
> appreciated. Thanks- Ed Barry

I think pooling power became a popular thing in the mid-1960s (I've never seen a photo of foreign power on the DL&W or Erie). I have seen several photos of Rock Island units running through to Croxton (and vice versa - EL units running on the Rock). The RI power was seen during the mid-to-late 1960s. For a period of time around 1970-1972, Burlington Northern (and predecessor road) power was also seen on the East End (though it was usually stopped at Port Jervis and turned around, very few made it all the way to Croxton. Also during the early 1970s, Milwaukee units (GP38's, GP40's mostly) would run to Croxton. All the run-through power came from the many Chicago connections the EL had, and it was usually reciprocated. EL units have appeared in Iowa and Minnesota!

Of course, we can't forget the joint CNJ-EL trains, the ES-99/SE-98 (as well as the short-lived piggyback train - I think that was NE-100?), which brought CNJ power to EL rails between Lake Junction (Wharton), NJ and Scranton, PA.

Of course, that won't prevent my from sneaking in a CB&Q GP30 or some D&H C628's on my 1975-era layout... ;)

	- Paul

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