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RE: Rahway Valley Photo was Re: (erielack) FW: NYSW List - M orristown & Erie ( Off topic)

The EL and RV interchanged at Summit on a regular basis to the end of the
EL. My observations circa 1975 was the P&D Gladstone drill arriving in town
from Croxton just after the morning rush was complete, the MU storage tracks
would be empty and the drill would leave cars for the RV on these tracks.
The drill would then proceed to work the Gladstone branch. During  mid day
the RV would come into town and swap cars with the EL. The drill would
return in the afternoon and pick up the cars from the RV and return to
Croxton leaving the storage tracks open for the evening rush. Typically 2 -
4 cars were interchanged, a much lower volume then the LV or CNJ

The interchanged ended quickly, if not immediately after Conrail.

The siding east of the RV connection was leftover from a coal dealer and Ice
house and was commonly used in latter years for MOW equipment. Just west of
the RV connection and between the DL&W freight house was Hill City Coal &
Lumber. Served by both RV and DL&W, it was long gone by 1975 replaced by an
auto dealership.


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